Analyst Relations Measurement


The Analyst/Advisor Attitude Survey (AAS) gives vendors and providers specific feedback about analysts’ attitudes and perceptions.

In particular the AAS report steps through each of the elements that make key analysts more likely (or less) to recommend your company to customers, partner, regulators and other stakeholders. It shows how your company and its competitors score on each aspect.Analyst Attitude Survey Grey 500x500

Our strong relationships with key analyst firms ensures that these studies typically achieve excellent response rates. As a result, the findings can track analysts of highest relevance and show the opinions of analysts in the ‘long tail’.

Furthermore the participants are typically senior analysts leading research for their company on a regional or international basis.

In addition the AAS is independent. Because analysts can remain anonymous, they give candid feedback. By collecting data independently from the vendors, our surveys give companies a balanced and truthful measure of their perception amongst analysts.


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