Information for Technology Vendors

No matter the maturity stage that your business is in, or what size your company is, there are many battles to be fought. Not only do you have to stay ahead of your competitors, but you’ll need to meet the ever-growing demands of your customers. The high tech sector is  a dynamic and challenging environment. In order to (over)achieve your targets and satisfy your customer base, you’ll need high performing and flexible operations.

Who are we?

The Kea Company team consists of professionals with experience with working for Fortune 100 companies, but who also have experienced the challenges of starting a company from scratch. This makes Kea Company a very experienced partner for you to collaborate with. Honesty, integrity and a no-nonsense mentality are key traits of the Kea Company personnel.

What we can offer start-up companies?

  • Our services portfolio for start-ups consists of the implementation and execution of tailor-made IT Analyst Relations services. Building the foundation of analyst relations at an early stage will provide a solid basis for future activities.
  • Our Business Advisory services aim to enable start-ups to optimise their business strategy and Go-to-Market initiatives. By providing insights into markets and technologies, we help our clients to save time, optimise operations and avoid costly mistakes in the critical Go-to-Market phase.
  • Start-ups only have a limited time window to establish themselves in the market and usually lack the time and resources to run extensive push marketing campaigns. We help start-ups to leverage the potential represented by analyst relations to establish their brand and generate leads.

What we can offer established vendors?

  • Our Analyst Relations services help to leverage the benefits from interacting with the right influencers at the right time. Your potential buyers get swamped with choices and are often unable to see the forest through the trees. Getting on the radar of research firms that are influencing the purchasing behaviour of your customers can determine whether you are winning business, or losing to your competition. We can help you renew research contracts, benchmark what firms brings you the most value for money, considering the challenges ahead.
  • Our Business Advisory services for established vendors are primed towards analysing and optimising current operation models, with the purpose of supporting the business in achieving the corporate goals and strategy.

Analyst Relations Discovery Workshop

Not sure what Analyst Relations is all about and if it is a fit for your company? This workshop is tailored to help you to evaluate the potential, and requirements, of engaging in analyst relations from your company’s specific situation.

The Kea Company Discovery Workshop will address the following topics and help you to:

  • explore the level of coverage of your technology space
  • understand the internal resources required to kick-off the analyst relations program
  • plan a budget that aligns with the goals of your AR program
  • identify the key analyst firms for your company
  • optimize your analyst pitch
  • get a better understanding of key content needed for Analyst Relations
  • avoid common pitfalls when engaging with analysts.

Why choose Kea Company?

  • Global presence, local knowledge
  • Highly experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of starting up technology companies, and working for Fortune 100 companies.

Thank you for your interest in our services. We are always looking for meaningful interactions. Moreover we appreciate you providing us with the information needed to make that happen.

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