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About Kea

Kea Company stands at the forefront of Analyst Relations advisory, specialising in empowering technology firms to establish a formidable presence within the industry analyst ecosystem. Our team, comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds as influencer relations experts, IT industry analysts, and business executives, offers clients unparalleled insights and strategic guidance.

Investing in an analyst relations programme is imperative for any technology company in the ever-evolving market. It provides a crucial avenue to engage with industry influencers and maintain relevance.

Recognising that over 50% of buying decisions are influenced by analyst activity, a robust Analyst Relations strategy becomes a pivotal factor in determining success. At Kea Company, we possess the expertise to adeptly navigate and leverage the industry analyst and influencer ecosystem. Whether you’re an established vendor or an emerging technology provider with ambitious goals, trust us to handle your analyst relations requirements and maximise your business results.

Bram Weerts
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Sven Litke
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Derk Erbe
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Sneha Kapoor
Managing Director APAC/MEA

The calibre of our team intricately shapes the standard of service we extend to our valued customers. For over a decade, we’ve diligently curated and nurtured an exceptional pool of individuals within the industry. Our team comprises astute professionals, boasting an average of over two decades of immersive experience in various capacities, including analyst relations, roles within technology vendors, positions as industry analysts, and contributions as insightful business advisors.

Kea Company: Evolution and Achievements

Since 2010, Kea Company has acquired several leading Analyst Relations consultancies, embodying shared values of curiosity, intelligence, and resourcefulness. Our European, North American, and Asian consultants now proudly serve a global clientele.

Kea Company is founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by Bram Weerts and Derk Erbé.

Kea expanded into the DACH region by acquiring Daruma Concept GmbH, welcoming Sven Litke to the core team.

The acquisition of Lighthouse Analyst Relations Ltd. facilitated boots on the ground in the United Kingdom and the USA. The first Analyst Relations Forum, held at Somerset House in London, brought together 80 leaders to comprehend market disruptions.

Expansion in the USA accelerated following the acquisition of SageCircle LLC. Additionally, the second Analyst Relations Forum occurred at Somerset House in London, drawing participation from 90 leaders and analysts to delve into market disruptions. Concurrently, co-founder Bram Weerts shifted focus to full-time industry research activities outside Kea Company.

The third Analyst Relations Forum was held at The Archivist’s Gallery in London. It brought together stakeholders and informed 100+ leaders, analysts, and CMOs about market disruptions. Co-founder Derk Erbe shifted focus to full-time industry research activities outside Kea Company.

Under the leadership of Co-founder Sven Litke, Kea Company expanded its European team, increasing its size from five to ten professionals.

Kea Company strengthened its presence in the United Kingdom by acquiring Active Influence LTD.

Kea Co-founder Sven Litke published the expanded second edition of “Influencer Relations: Insights on Analyst Value.” Additionally, Co-founder Derk Erbé returned to Kea Company on a full-time basis.

Our ‘outsourced Analyst Relations’ service tailored for startups and mid-sized technology vendors continues to grow. Kea Company’s international team now supports SMB and Enterprise vendors in over 20 countries.

Analysts on Analyst Relations: The SageCircle Guide” became the best-selling book on Analyst Relations. Additionally, Co-founder Bram Weerts returned to Kea Company on a full-time basis.

With all co-founders back, Kea celebrated its most successful year yet, achieving its highest number of customers in its portfolio and maintaining an exceptional global team.

Kea Company has expanded its global presence with a new office in Dubai, led by Managing Director Sneha Kapoor. Sneha brings extensive expertise as a strategic advisor in go-to-market and business transformation for enterprise customers and technology companies across the APAC and MEA regions.

Onwards and Upwards!