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Kea Services

The Kea Company team brings extensive hands-on experience in Analyst Relations from diverse perspectives. With a proven track record as associates within renowned analyst firms and experience as marketing and Analyst Relations managers at successful technology vendors, we offer unique insights. Additionally, our team includes IT and business managers from large enterprise organisations. This breadth of experience uniquely positions us to understand the dynamics that lead to success or failure in Analyst Relations efforts, enabling us to guide our clients effectively.

Our approach begins with assisting tech vendors in establishing their Analyst Relations efforts. We meticulously define and execute appropriate goals and strategies to ensure a solid foundation.

Our support ensures optimal performance for those with successful Analyst Relations programmes. We fine-tune processes, aligning them with corporate goals and strategies, to maximise the impact of Analyst Relations on overall business success.

If you’re already engaging with analysts and have a prominent profile, we help you elevate your strategies and advance within the analysts’ ecosystem. Our expertise enables expansion into growth areas and increased sales recommendations. Leveraging our ‘Outsourced Analyst Relations‘ service allows you to focus on relationship-building while we handle the day-to-day execution of your Analyst Relations programme.

Our workshops concentrate on the thirteen major areas of an Analyst Relations practice, identifying successes and risks to enhance the effectiveness of Analyst Relations teams.