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Analyst Relations Workshops

Welcome to Kea Company, a premier Analyst Relations consultancy boasting over 75 years of collective industry experience. Our Analyst Relations Workshops are meticulously crafted to elevate your AR endeavours. Our all-encompassing training program delves into key AR areas, discerning successes and potential pitfalls. Additionally, we present a distinctive professional development initiative tailored for AR managers and spokespersons.

Analyst Relations Discovery Workshop

Are you unfamiliar with the intricacies of Analyst Relations or contemplating initiating an Analyst Relations program for your company? Our workshop is bespoke to assist you in evaluating the viability and prerequisites of engaging in Analyst Relations based on your company’s unique circumstances.

The Kea Company Discovery Workshop covers the following topics to guide you: – Evaluate the scope of coverage in your technology space – Understand the internal resources needed to launch an Analyst Relations program – Devise a budget aligned with your Analyst Relations goals – Identify key analyst firms relevant to your company – Enhance your analyst pitch – Gain insights into crucial content for Analyst Relations – Sidestep common pitfalls in analyst engagement.

Training & Development Workshops for Vendor Executives and Analyst Relations Professionals seeking to enhance their analyst relations programs.

Spokesperson Training Programme

Wondering why spokespeople should undergo Analyst Relations training? Analysts value information, especially when conveyed directly by the CEO, other executives, or program leads, enhancing credibility and fostering relationship-building. Therefore, it is in your best interest to augment analysts’ understanding, role in your core market(s), and impact on revenues among all executives.

The Spokesperson Training programme covers the following topics to help you: – Optimise engagement for a long-term, global, revenue-impacting relationship – Differentiate your company, services, and offerings in every analyst interaction – Maximise your Analyst Relations investment by preparing for interactions effectively.

The Spokesperson Training is structured into five modules, customisable for delivery to executives, product/service leads, or department heads in 30-minute virtual meetings. The modules can be combined to suit your schedule and current Analyst Relations needs.

Workshop content examples include: – Influencing Analysts Worldwide: A foundational program outlining the impact and organisation of Analyst Relations outreach – Building Analyst Relations Momentum: Managerial training summarising research on analyst behaviour and best practices – Shifting Key Analysts: Advanced training focusing on meeting tier 1 analysts’ needs and measuring changes in awareness and perception – Analyst Relations Special Focus Programmes: Workshops on building successful focused programs for specific regions, countries, or industry verticals – Analyst Firm Budgeting: Optimising analyst firm spending to achieve your goals – Analyst Tiering Workshop: A discussion on deciding which analysts and firms to target, leveraging data from Kea’s Analyst Value Survey.

Analyst Relation Coaching

Our coaching offers regular counsel and independent feedback for those with established Analyst Relations programs, distinguishing you as a leader. Our seasoned professionals guide you in maximising every tactic, ensuring you maintain peak performance despite challenges.

Our coaching and training approach focuses on enhancing performance and job satisfaction while considering the individual, their role, and the organisational context.