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At Kea, we grasp the vital role of effective Analyst Relations and boast a team with extensive experience in the field. Our roster includes former associates from esteemed analyst firms, seasoned Analyst Relations managers at successful technology vendors, and adept IT and business managers from large enterprise organisations. This collective expertise ensures that our clients benefit from a proven track record of success and are assured that their Analyst Relations program is executed with precision.

Our Outsourced Analyst Relations service empowers you to entrust your Analyst Relations program to our proficient team, ensuring optimal outcomes. Serving as your in-house Analyst Relations manager, we provide a cost-effective solution to implement an Analyst Relations program while guaranteeing your company remains on the radar of pertinent analyst firms.

Key features of our program include identifying relevant analysts from suitable firms, categorising them into Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3, and proactively engaging with target analysts on your behalf to facilitate seamless information flow and interactions. We meticulously plan, organise, and track various interactions, including vendor/analyst briefings, event attendance, and analyst inquiries. Furthermore, our team excels in crafting briefing presentations, encompassing PowerPoint presentations that may require participation from the executive suite, product management, and marketing communications.

We also keep a vigilant eye on forthcoming research publications within your domain, ensuring your company is prominently featured in analysts’ considerations for participation. By supporting your engagement in research questionnaires, we help optimise your positioning in publications such as Magic Quadrants, Waves, Vendor Matrices, and MarketScapes. At Kea, we conduct regular reviews of your Analyst Relations strategy, positioning, and goals to guarantee the sustained effectiveness of your program.

Deliverables of our Outsourced Analyst Relations service in a nutshell:

  • Define Analyst Relations goals and strategy aligned with your business strategy
  • Identify relevant analysts from suitable firms classified as Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3
  • Proactively reach out to target analysts to facilitate information flow and interaction
  • Identify the timing and venues for face-to-face meetings with analysts
  • Monitor upcoming research publications in your sector, ensuring your company’s active participation
  • Plan, organise, and track interactions, such as vendor/analyst briefings, event attendance, and analyst inquiries
  • Develop briefing presentations, including PowerPoint presentations, involving key stakeholders
  • Support your participation in research questionnaires to enhance positioning in key publications
  • Regularly review your Analyst Relations strategy, positioning, and goals for ongoing program effectiveness.